Veterinary Exam Services for Pets

Whether your furry friend is young or old, perfectly healthy or bravely living with a health condition, it is imperative they see their veterinarian for full examinations at least once per year. Annual health examinations are critical in detecting diseases early, which enable us to keep our pets happy and healthy for as long as possible. Do you think your furry family member is due for their next consultation? Ring us as at 403.452.2060 and we will do our best to schedule an appointment that will be most convenient for you.

What happens during a veterinary exam?

Also known as wellness exams, veterinary exams allow your veterinarians and other members of our team to assess your pet’s overall health. Each exam may look slightly different depending on each patient, especially if they have been diagnosed with a certain condition or if they have recently had surgery. In general, most veterinary exams here at Little Creek Veterinary Clinic include a combination of the following:

  • Physical/ visual examination from head to toe looking for abnormalities or signs of parasites
  • Heart rate, breathing and temperature monitoring
  • Diagnostics (bloodwork, scans, urine/fecal sample tests, etc.)
  • Q&A with the veterinarian on your pet’s lifestyle, behaviour, eating patterns, activity levels, and more
  • How do I prepare my pet for a veterinary exam?

    From a young age, it’s important to associate veterinary exams or any other visit to the clinic as a positive experience. Consider giving your pet a treat, or bring along their favourite blanket to your appointment to reward them for the experience. Depending on your pet’s case, you may also be asked beforehand to bring stool or urine samples.

    Last Updated: October 26, 2021.

    To all of our valued clients,

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    Business Hours Update

    Due to staff shortages, on November 1st we will be changing our hours to the following:

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    Thank you again for your understanding of the safety restrictions during this time and we look forward to a newer, more efficient reception area soon.

    - Your dedicated team at Little Creek Veterinary Clinic