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Vaccination Services for Puppies and Dogs

Congratulations on welcoming a puppy into your life! It’s a special time, and we hope you enjoy all the sweet moments with your new canine friend. That being said, owning a puppy also means taking on a huge responsibility. Aside from healthy food, water, shelter and socialization, your puppy needs to be vaccinated, so they stay protected against several dangerous parasites and diseases. Our team can put together a custom vaccine schedule for your pet and send you reminders about when your next appointment is due. Simply call us at 403.452.2060 for more details.

Are vaccines safe for puppies?

Yes. In fact, most patients experience little to no side effects after injection. These effects are usually quite minor and subside within a matter of hours: slight swelling at the injection site and fatigue.  

When should I get my puppy vaccinated?

It is common practice for puppies to get their first vaccine shots as early as about 8 weeks of age. Then, they need to receive further shots afterwards, usually every 3 to 4 weeks until they reach 4 months of age. Going to the vet so frequently may seem cumbersome, but getting vaccinated at this point is crucial to setting your puppy up for a healthy life

Vaccination Services for Dogs
In order to remain safe and protected, it is necessary that your pet is vaccinated throughout their life. We understand that life can get busy and it may be overwhelming for you to stay on top of your pet’s vaccine schedule. Here at Little Creek Veterinary Clinic, we will take this burden off you, and ensure your pet receives the treatments they need at the right time.

Do senior dogs still need vaccines?

Yes. At the clinic, we can discuss the specifics of the injections your older pet needs. At this point, most of their vaccines will be administered every three years. There are instances, though where a higher frequency is needed.

Which vaccines does my dog need?

Vaccines are divided into two groups: core (mandatory) and non-core (optional). Some core vaccines are actually mandated by law (e.g. rabies). Non-core vaccines can be recommended based on lifestyle and exposure risk. 

  • Core Vaccines: rabies, distemper/adenovirus/parvovirus (DAP)
  • Non-Core Vaccines: Bordetella, leptospirosis, Lyme disease, canine influenza