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Spay and Neutering

These procedures, which prevent your pet from reproducing and bearing their own offspring, is a must for all responsible pet owners. They are routine surgeries performed by veterinary teams like ours all over the world. As more and more pets are “fixed”, less pressure is placed on animal rescue groups who deal directly with overpopulation and unwanted breeding. Unsure if your adopted pet has been spayed/neutered? Do you want to learn more about our spay and neutering services? Simply call us at 403.452.2060 to start the conversation with our team of experts.

What is the difference between spays and neuters?

Spays are performed on female pets and involve the removal of their ovaries +/- their uterus.



Neuters are the removal of the testicles in males.   

Spaying and Neutering are surgical procedures performed in order to prevent your animal from reproducing. In addition to sterilization, spaying and neutering provides many health benefits, including preventing or reducing the risk of certain infections (pyometra, prostatitis) and cancers (mammary cancer, ovarian and uterine cancers, testicular cancer).

How long does it take for pets to recover from spays and neuters?

It usually takes patients 2 to 3 days to regain their energy and appetite after their procedure. However, exercise restriction and close monitoring of their incision are necessary for up to 14 days post-surgery.

What happens to pets after they are fixed?

Aside from preventing their ability to have their own kittens or puppies, these surgeries have other positive outcomes. Your pet will be less likely to develop certain infections, cancers and will can be less susceptible to aggressive behaviours.