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Microchipping is just one of the many tools modern pet owners have in safeguarding their furry family members. In the case of an accident or emergency where your pet becomes lost, your chances of being reunited with them increase exponentially if they are microchipped. For more details on our microchipping services here at Little Creek Veterinary Clinic call us at 403.452.2060. Our Client Care Specialists will be more than happy to address any of your inquiries.

How do pet microchips work?

Pet microchips contain your contact information and some key facts about your pet. If your pet becomes lost and is found by another veterinary team or rescue group, they can scan the microchip, retrieve your information and help you reunite with your lost pet. Microchips are not like GPS trackers, they will not give you your pet’s location/coordinates. Instead, they work like a permanent ID card.

Is pet microchipping safe?

Definitely. The microchip is the size of a grain of rice. The procedure takes a few short minutes. Patients may feel a slight poke as the needle used to insert the microchip is slightly larger than the typical needles used to vaccinate.  Anesthesia is not required for the procedure because it is tolerated well by the vast majority of pets, however, we can place the microchip at the time of spay/neuter if you wish.

Do pet microchips need to be replaced?

No. Microchips are made up of materials that are 100% compatible with your pet’s body. They are made to last their whole lives. The microchip does not need to be replaced. That being said, remember to update your contact info if you ever move or change numbers. Call us to learn how to do this.