Deworming Treatment for Pets

They look harmless enough but intestinal worms of any kind can pose serious health risks on your furry family members. This is why as a responsible pet parent, you must make sure they are always protected with regular deworming treatments. Here at Little Creek Veterinary Clinic, we help our clients stay on top of their pet’s deworming needs and schedule. For more information, do not hesitate to call us at 403.452.2060.

What is deworming for cats and dogs?

Deworming is a preventive care treatment that protects your pets from harmful parasites. It is a vital step in your pet’s healthcare regimen. Deworming medications come in all types of formulations with different dosing schedules. Most of the options are taken orally. They boost your pet’s defense against parasites, and they can also get rid of worms if your pet becomes infected. Some medications will physically destroy the worms in your pet, while others will paralyze them, forcing them to detach from your pet’s internal tissues so they can be passed through your pet’s stool.

Does my pet need deworming in the winter?

Yes, even here in Calgary! The truth is many kinds of parasites like intestinal roundworms can survive even in lowered temperatures. Their eggs have a thick protective layering that allows them to survive or lay dormant for months at a time. If you skimp out on deworming even for just one dose, you can leave your pet vulnerable to infection.

Do puppies or kittens need deworming once they grow up?

For sure. At their early years, your furry friend will need more frequent deworming (e.g. every couple of weeks until three-months-old). They need less frequent treatments as they grow older but deworming must continue all throughout their lives.

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