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Did you know your furry friend’s teeth should be brushed on a daily basis? There is a common misconception that pets do not need as much maintenance when it comes to their dental health. In reality, they need a combination of at-home hygiene, as well as regular cleanings and check-ups to stay as healthy and pain-free as possible. To learn more about how to best care for your pet’s teeth, mouth and gums simply call us at 403.452.2060 to schedule your next appointment.

How do I fix my pet’s bad breath?

Bad breath or “doggy breath” for our canine pals is not normal. This is one of the earliest signs of periodontal disease (inflamed tissues around your pet’s teeth that can cause tooth loss and serious infections). Once your pet’s breath becomes foul or unbearable, please call our team right away to schedule a check-up. Aside from oral health problems, bad breath can also be symptoms of other diseases like liver issues, kidney disease and diabetes.

Can I get my dog’s teeth cleaned without anesthesia?

In recent years, cosmetic cleanings or anesthesia-free cleanings have grown in popularity, offered by groomers, breeders, and other establishments. Unfortunately, these cleanings only provide surface-level care. They are not able to clean below the gum-line. Cosmetic cleanings can undermine proper medical care – your pet’s teeth may look clean on the surface while serious plaque and inflammation are hidden underneath. A medical cleaning will require your pet to be under anesthesia. This will prevent unnecessary stress (having tools in their mouth can be traumatic for pets), allow our team to clean/inspect all areas of the mouth, and perform emergency extractions as needed.

Last Updated: June 13, 2022

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