Bloodwork Services Treatment for Pets

Here at Little Creek Veterinary Clinic, we offer various ways of investigating what is happening inside your pet’s body. Bloodwork is one of the most common diagnostics services performed by our Registered Veterinary Technologists. Our in-house blood testing allows us to prepare for more urgent cases where immediate results are needed. We can also send out tests to reference labs for more complicated tests as necessary. For more details on our bloodwork and other laboratory services, do not hesitate to reach out to us at 403.452.2060.

What other diagnostic services do you offer for pets?

In addition to blood work, we also perform sample tests such as ear swabs, skin scrapings, fecal and urine samples on-site in our modern laboratory area.

Why would dogs or cats need bloodwork?

Your veterinarian may request a blood test for many reasons. During a puppy or kitten’s first check-up, blood is usually collected so we can analyse their base health levels and look out for any undiagnosed conditions. Before your pet undergoes certain surgeries or to see if they are good candidates for certain medications (e.g. anesthesia) bloodwork is also usually performed.

Are blood tests painful for dogs and cats?

Not at all. In fact, we do not need to administer anesthesia to collect the samples. It takes only a matter of seconds, especially with our experienced RVTs. For pets, the sensation is similar to regular injections or vaccines they get at the clinic.

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