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Acupuncture Treatment for Pets

Modern advances in veterinary medicine allow teams like ours to keep your furry friends as healthy as possible, even if they are born with any genetic disorders, are injured, or develop certain diseases later on in life. Ancient remedies like acupuncture are also now at our disposal. In recent years, it has been shown to provide many health benefits for pets of all shapes and sizes, especially when administered in combination with other treatments. To learn more about our acupuncture services please call us at 403-452-2060 to schedule a consultation with one of our veterinarians.

How does acupuncture work in pets?

The process is the same as with acupuncture done on humans. After a general assessment, lab tests may be performed to double check that your pet is a good candidate for the treatment. One session can last for about 30 minutes. Fine needles are inserted on acupuncture points where nerve and blood vessels meet. By activating these pressure points, blood circulation and nerve stimulation are increased. Ultimately, this will result in the release of substances in your pet’s body that cause pain relief and lessen inflammation.

What conditions does acupuncture treat in pets?

Acupuncture can benefit a wide variety of dogs and cats. Your veterinarian may prescribe it if your pet has recently undergone surgery, has arthritis, inflamed joints, disc disease, spinal cord issues, chronic pain and granulomas. Acupuncture can also help pets who are perfectly healthy and have no existing diagnoses. For example, it is beneficial for pets who are highly active like hunting/ sporting dogs.

Is acupuncture safe for pets?

Absolutely. The treatment is safe for the majority of patients. Pets who are pregnant may need extra precaution, as certain pressure points must be avoided. On very seldom occasions, some pets experience soreness in treated areas or fatigue, but these minor effects subside in one to two days.

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