More and more, the world is realizing that pets have teeth too! At Little Creek Vet Clinic, we believe that keeping your pet’s teeth healthy is an important way to ensure a happy comfortable life. It s difficult to tell that your pet has a toothache so regular dental checkups with your veterinarian are essential. Time and time again, pet owners comment on how their pet is acting like a puppy/kitten again since the extraction of multiple rotten teeth. Ideally, dental extractions should be avoided with routine teeth brushing and dental descaling under general anesthesia; however, it is better to remove an infected painful tooth than leave it to fester. Not only does it cause unnecessary pain, but it puts other vital organs such as heart, kidneys and liver at risk of infection.
      Our focus at Little Creek is preventative care such as daily teeth brushing, the use of dental diets and chews, and regular prophylactic cleanings and dental radiographs. We also routinely perform dental extractions of infected, non-viable, fractured, impacted and retained deciduous (baby) teeth. We do not hesitate to refer our patients to veterinary dental specialists for root canal therapy, dental crowns, and other endodontic treatments when necessary.

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