Tiana Belcastro

Client Care Representative/Technical Assistant
Tiana started working in vet clinics in 2020 after graduating from the dual credit Veterinary Assistant program at Olds College. Tiana chose to work in Veterinary Medicine since her whole life has been surrounded with animals and she wanted to provide care for them to repay them for all that they do. Tiana is currently enrolled in the science undergraduate program at the University of Calgary, and she hopes to get accepted in the Vet School in the following years. She lives with 3 dogs, and a hedgehog named Bowser! When she isn’t working you can find her painting, studying, playing video games, and even exploring the great outdoors!

Last Updated: June 13, 2022

To all of our valued clients,

Please note the following regarding COVID-19:

  • Our doors are unlocked and clients are welcome in the building.
  • We do recommend that you wear a mask for any conversations that are less than 6 feet apart.
  • We ask that if you are not well, waiting on COVID-19 test results, tested positive for COVID-19 or you have travelled out of the country in the past 2 weeks, you reschedule your appointment or make other arrangements for your pet to be seen.
  • We are still cleaning our facility regularly to help reduce the spread of COVID-19
  • As always, we thank all of our clients for your kindness, patience and understanding while we have all worked through the past few years.

    - Your dedicated team at Little Creek Veterinary Clinic