Our Team

Last Updated: October 6, 2021.

To all of our valued clients,

Little Creek is excited to begin construction to improve the front end of our clinic to better serve you. Construction is set to start Tuesday, October 12th. To ensure the safety of all of our clients, we are going to return to a full locked door policy.

What does this mean for you:

  • We will remain open but under a locked door policy until completion.
  • Curbside pick up for all food and medications, please call when you arrive.
  • All appointments, please call when you arrive.
  • Patient transfer for appointments or surgeries will happen curbside. We still ask that you wear a mask for patient transfers.
  • Appointments with our veterinary technologists or veterinarians will remain without clients in the building. We will ensure patient care and safety during their visit inside, without you.
  • For all veterinary appointments: a pre-consult will happen with the doctor over the phone when you arrive, the patient will be brought in for the examination and the doctor will call you back once complete with any findings or to discuss further treatment plans.
  • In the unfortunate circumstance that you would need to say goodbye to a beloved pet, we will allow 2 clients in with safety steps in place.
  • All payments will be done either over the phone or curbside.

    We have been given an approximate timeline of 4 weeks for construction to be completed and will update you once it is done.

    Business Hours Update

    Due to staff shortages, on November 1st we will be changing our hours to the following:

    Monday: 8-6pm
    Tuesday: 8-6pm
    Wednesday: 8-6pm
    Thursday: 8-8pm
    Friday: 8-6pm
    Saturday: Closed
    Sunday: Closed

    Thank you again for your understanding of the safety restrictions during this time and we look forward to a newer, more efficient reception area soon.

    - Your dedicated team at Little Creek Veterinary Clinic